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People get acquainted, communicate, interact. They exchange information, help each other, and create new and interesting things. Nationality, borders and distances, which were obstacles some time ago, are all less noticeable. The main obstacle is ignorance of the language.

People learn foreign languages. As a separate profession, as an unexplored territory or as a means of achieving the goal. Learning another language is not easy, and for hundreds of years, many thousands of volumes have been accumulated on how to do it.

LANGUAGES PRACTISES - an open area on which very different people, from different sides consider an interesting question: how to learn a language faster and more effectively.

We use one of the most ancient methods of scientific cognition - the included observation. We observe those who teach and who learn. We are watching who, how, where, and when a foreign language is learned. We do not make categorical conclusions - we collect and generalize information.

For the years that we devoted to this occupation, we have not yet managed to find the best way to learn a foreign language. If it existed, the market would not be so diverse and competitive. But the truth is that some approach it one way, and some another. Time is priceless and it is a pity to spend it on the search of methods.

And you, reading this - our colleague and partner, because you are also looking for the best practices and can share your experience. Welcome!

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